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Cybersecurity in Connecticut 2023 & Managed IT Services Value Proposition

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Cybercrime in Connecticut is a rising tide. Businesses faced a 25% surge in attacks last year, with hospitals, energy giants, and even your local coffee shop becoming targets.

Remember Prospect Medical's hospitals shut down? Or Eversource's customer information leak? These aren't just headlines—they're reminders of our vulnerability in the digital age.

But here's the good news: you don't have to be a victim.

Cymbrella, your local Managed IT experts, have partnered with industry leading cyber security providers to provide expert cyber security protection for businesses in Connecticut. Our vendors continually monitor for indicators of compromise and will sound the alarm and equip you with the tools to fight back. This isn't about bells and whistles—it's about simple, effective security that keeps your business safe and sound.

A Wake-Up Call: Cybersecurity Landscape in Connecticut 2023

2023 was a stark reminder for Connecticut businesses: your cybersecurity defence isn't optional, it's essential. The cybersecurity industry in Connecticut experienced a series of high-profile attacks. They rocked the state, exposing vulnerabilities and highlighting the potential consequences of lax security.

1. Healthcare Under Seige: Prospect Medical Holdings Hospitals

Picture this: ambulances diverted, surgeries postponed, and patient records exposed. This nightmarish scenario became a reality for three Prospect Medical Holdings hospitals in August 2023. A cyberattack crippled their systems, forcing them to:

●     Shut down emergency rooms for days, leaving patients scrambling for critical care elsewhere.

●     Cancel appointments and delay life-saving procedures, jeopardizing the health of thousands.

●     Potentially expose sensitive patient data, including medical records and financial information.

The incident demonstrated the crippling impact cyberattacks can have on vital infrastructure. It also highlighted the importance of a pro-active approach to cybersecurity, even for businesses in Connecticut. When healthcare falls victim, the consequences can be dire, directly affecting people's lives and well-being.

2. Trust Shattered: Eversource Data Breach

Our reliance on electricity makes it a prime target for cybercriminals. In October 2023, energy giant Eversource suffered a data breach, exposing the personal information of millions of customers, including:

●     Names and addresses

●     Social Security numbers

●     Payment information

This breach not only shattered customer trust but also raised concerns about the vulnerability of our energy infrastructure. Imagine hackers manipulating power grids or causing widespread outages - the ramifications could be catastrophic.

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Prevalent Threats and Consequences

These high-profile incidents are just the tip of the iceberg. Connecticut businesses face a constant barrage of cyber threats. Here are a few examples:

●     Ransomware: Hackers hold your data hostage, demanding hefty payments for its return.

●     Phishing: Deceptive emails and scams trick employees into revealing sensitive information.

●     Malware: Malicious software infects systems, steals data, disrupts operations, or causes damage.

Cyberattacks can lead to devastating consequences, both financial and reputational:

●     Data loss: Leaked customer information, trade secrets, or intellectual property can cost millions to recover and damage brand trust.

●     Downtime: System outages cripple business operations, leading to lost revenue and productivity.

●     Reputational damage: News of a cyberattack can erode customer confidence and damage your brand image.

The Power of Proactive Defense: Managed IT Services

The wake-up call from 2023's Connecticut cyberattacks is clear: reactive security is a gamble you can't afford. Instead, embrace the power of proactive defence with Managed IT Services from Cymbrella, which offer a comprehensive security net woven from several crucial threads:

  1. 24/7 Network Monitoring & Intrusion Detection

  2. Patch Management

  3. Data Backup & Recovery

  4. Security Awareness Training

With this multi-layered defence in place, you can sleep soundly, knowing your business is protected. No more sleepless nights worrying about the next attack. Managed IT services offer the following benefits:

●     Reduced Costs: Instead of scrambling to fix breaches, you proactively prevent them, saving money and headaches in the long run.

●     Expert Security: Skip the learning curve! You don't need to be a cybersecurity guru yourself. Staying on top of and protecting your business from all the events in the Cyber Security and Info Sec industry requires teams of experts. Cyber security is no longer a 1 man job or even a 1 team job. Managed IT services provide access to a teams of professionals who handle everything for you.

●     Peace of Mind: Focus on running your business, not worrying about cyber threats. Managed IT services give you the peace of mind to operate with confidence.

Take Control With Cymbrella

Investing in Managed IT Services isn't just about technology. It's about peace of mind and a secure future for your business. Don't let the next headline be about your business.

Take control of your security and build your digital fortress today with Cymbrella. We take the complexity out of protecting your business, offering a multi-layered shield against evolving threats. Reach out to us today for a chat.

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