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Managed IT Services: 
Unified Communications

Enhanced connectivity across your organization

Multi-channel access and communication hub

Customization to tailor to your needs


Our Solutions

In 2023 and beyond, effective communication is vital to client retention. Cymbrella's managed IT services provide support for unified communications with tailored hosted voice solutions. 

Additionally, we are very experienced in legacy PBX decommissions, migrating diverse types of endpoints and in creating a comprehensive modern communication ecosystem for your business.

Hosted voice solutions

Beyond conventional telephony.

Boost profits with our cloud-based business service. Skip infrastructure costs—our hosted voice solutions revolutionize communication. From startups to enterprises, we scale our services to match your growth.

Call Center Headset

Legacy PBX decommissions

Say goodbye to outdated on-premises PBX.

Upgrade from outdated PBX systems with Cymbrella. We simplify your organization by facilitating hassle-free decommissions—partner with us to smoothly remove outdated on-premises PBX systems without disruptions, ensuring a swift transition.

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Migration of legacy POTS endpoints

Avoid Escalating Charges

Legacy POTS endpoints like alarm lines and elevators are crucial but often overlooked in communication strategies. Cymbrella migrates these diverse endpoints to our hosted voice solutions, creating a unified, efficient communication network.

Managed IT Services: A Call Center Employee

Telecom Expense Management

Identify Opportunities to Redeuce OPEX.

Are you struggling to manage your telecom network and reduce costs? Cymbrella's experienced team optimizes communications environments, identifying unused services and negotiating with carriers to cut your OPEX.

Managed IT Services: a VOIP telephone on a desk.

Asset Management

Efficient your inventory looks, and effective your business works.

Managing inventory can be complex. Partnering with Cymbrella streamlines this process, ensuring efficient management while you focus on other critical business aspects, gaining a competitive edge.

Managed IT Services: Warehouse Worker in Yellow Vest

Unlock modern communication platforms for your business with Cymbrella.

Are you ready to modernize your communications and save costs? Take the first step towards seamless, efficient, and modern communication solutions with Cymbrella.

Why Trust Cymbrella's Hardware Solutions?

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Scalable Communication: Grow with adaptable hosted voice services from Cymbrella, providing evolving tools for your business needs.

Reliable Connectivity: Count on our solutions for uninterrupted connectivity, ensuring smooth operations and minimal downtime.

Cost-Efficient Solutions: Access cutting-edge, budget-friendly communication solutions, giving your business a competitive edge.

Dedicated Support: Our customer care team is ready to assist with communication channel issues, ensuring smooth implementation.

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